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Do you handle your business's social media? If so, you might benefit from a few of these distraction minimizers and eliminators to help avoid digital burn out.

We recently came across this article by Iconosquare titled "Social Media and Mental Health: 6 Survival Tips for Social Media Managers", and it hit on some really great points. If you are a social media manager, or managing social media for your own business, definitely give it a read!

In addition to Iconosquare's great insights, here are some of our own favorite ways to stay focused (and sane) in a world of overstimulation.

Sanity Savers

Email Fatigue

Prioritize the notifications from social media that you receive in your inbox. If you receive too many, or they are mostly irrelevant, you'll miss out when important notifications come through. Your inbox will thank you!

Facebook Notifications Help

Instagram Notifications Help

Twitter Notifications Help

Distracting Desktop Notifications

Don't authorize browser notifications. Chances are you are already being notified in another way when activity takes place, and you don't need the distraction popping up on your screen. Want to manage those you've already authorized? We've got you covered with popular browsers below!

Google Chrome Notifications Help

Safari Notifications Help

Mozilla Firefox Notifications Help

Windows 10 Notifications Help

The Too-Easy Feed Scroll

If you use Chrome, install their News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. It hides your newsfeed and replaces it with a random quote so you don't get distracted with eye-catching updates. We use Chrome as our work browser and love this feature!

Phone Notifications

Turn off any phone notifications that don't require immediate attention. We keep notifications for comments and direct messages only; the rest gets reviewed when we are intentionally managing our pages.

iOS Notifications Help

Android Notifications Help

DND (Do Not Disturb)

Put your phone in a scheduled 'Do Not Disturb' mode from 9 or 10pm to 7 or 8am, so you don't get audible notifications that disrupt your sleep. You can read through missed notifications when you are ready to start working. Don't ruin one more night of sleep, use the links below to get step-by-step instructions for how to set this feature up!

iOS Do Not Disturb Help

Android Do Not Disturb Help

What are your favorite sanity-saving practices for social media management?

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