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You have your website and social media up and running. Now what? Regular reporting and analysis will ensure your marketing dollars are working for you and your business.

Your marketing budget is a limited resource. You should be investing in the areas that work, and adapting the areas that don't. When you engage with Solutions On 2nd for marketing analytics support, our team will monitor and report the health of your marketing programs on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis*.


We will also provide high-level strategy recommendations based on your business's growth goals for the various areas covered within the package.

Core Marketing Analytics Includes:


  • Website Analytics powered by Google Analytics​

  • Social Media Analytics - Facebook and Instagram​​

  • Email Marketing Analytics​​

Add-On Services Include:


  • Google Adwords Analytics

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads​ Analytics

  • Any Additional Platforms With Web-Based Metrics Available

  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization & Performance Analysis for Website(s)

Each client's reporting needs are unique, based on the marketing programs they engage with. Our analytics program ensures that your team receives a high-level summary of the in-depth program analytics available to you, so you can make informed decisions about your marketing programs. 

The Core Marketing Analytics package begins at $850 per month. All quotes for services will be customized based on the needs of the client.

*As outlined by active agreement. Agreements are currently available in six (6) or twelve (12) month increments only, with option to renew.

This package pairs well with a general Marketing Services agreement, which can include services such as marketing content calendar development (for your team to execute on) and/or direct implementation of strategy recommendations on behalf of your business.​ These services are not included with the Marketing Analytics package.

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