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Starting a new business is both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. You have a fabulous business plan, you have a name and a vision. Now you need to be ready to market yourself.

Our New Business Services are designed specifically to ensure a seamless launch when the time comes to introduce your business to the world!

Solutions On 2nd has a variety of services we can provide for brand new businesses, regardless of where you are in the development process. From day one of the idea - or 90 days post-launch - we can help.


Each business is as unique as the products and services they provide, so all of our services are 100% customizable to your specific brand needs and marketing skills. Some of our services include:


Brand Development - A One Time Project

Solutions On 2nd, LLC will develop company identity and a comprehensive brand style guide to ensure cohesive marketing implementation across all current and future marketing platforms. This process includes:

  • Logo design & development (utilizing an external designer selected in partnership with Client)

  • Documentation of brand elements including logo(s), colors and fonts.

  • Documentation of marketing strategy direction including marketing personas, brand keywords and terminology.

Website Design & Implementation - A One Time Project

Solutions On 2nd, LLC will implement the marketing strategy direction as identified during the brand style guide development process to design a new website. This process includes:

  • Securing branded URL(s) for site.

  • A complete site build and copy development to satisfy the new marketing personas and keyword strategy.

  • Client training on how to manage site content for ongoing updates and changes, i.e. blog posts.

Basic Social Media & Emarketing - 6 & 12 Month Programs

  • Solutions On 2nd, LLC will create and optimize client’s social media profiles and business listings on Facebook and/or Instagram to improve business visibility across the web.​

    • It may make sense to include Twitter or Pinterest in the new brand's strategies, however regular content posting for these platforms are not outlined in this basic proposal. Direction can be provided so the Client can engage with these platforms directly, if requested.

  • Solutions On 2nd, LLC will provide guidance for client-side content production for all profiles identified in the segment above including:

    • Seasonal marketing messages and design inspiration ideas, frequency of posting, and media mix.

  • Solutions On 2nd, LLC will create profiles and design, draft and post social media content based on a client-approved content calendar.

    • Design services will include up to 3 posts per week on Facebook and Instagram, featuring a mix of text, image, graphic, gif and video pieces that best meet the message purpose and the platform best practices.

  • Solutions On 2nd, LLC will design and schedule one monthly brand email (newsletter) using a reputable email marketing service, to be sent to Client’s own database of contacts.


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