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Solutions On 2nd

When you have a specific goal, staff additions aren't always the answer.


Maybe you want to establish a program that will ultimately be managed with existing internal resources; or you are looking for some temporary assistance from the outside. Either way, partnering with a talented project manager can give your initiative the jump start that it needs.


Located just a neighborhood away on 2nd Street, Solutions on 2nd, LLC was established to provide businesses like yours with right-sized solutions to accomplish your top priorities.


It's your vision, and we can help.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We understand that to work effectively with our partners we need access to sensitive internal information including marketing strategy, objectives and analytics.

    • For this reason, we do not engage more than one client per industry at a time. If we have a long term agreement with you, we won't be working with your local competitors at the same time.

  • We work with a variety of businesses, allowing us to bring creative insights from other industries to your specialty.

    • Our professional diversity supports out-of-the-box ideas and access to new tools to help you reach your goals.

  • Collaboration and partnership are critical to our shared success.

    • We are as careful about selecting our clients as you are careful about selecting your marketing partner. If we don't believe we will be able to share mutual success based on your objectives, we'll let you know so you don't lose any time finding the proper partner. 


Your New Advocates

M DeCicco Headshot.png

A lifelong resident of Northern Santa Barbara County, Megan's first hospitality job was working for a quaint country inn in Solvang. Fifteen years later, she has enjoyed a diverse career focused on expanding her business acumen and project management skills. In addition to direct staff and client management experience, she has proudly worked on the ground floor:


  • coordinating over 600 hours of soft skills training for employees

  • managing the launch of a new brand identity for an established company

  • actively recruiting and managing 132 retail and hospitality partners for a value loyalty program

  • event planning from intimate executive retreats to private and public events with 2,500+ attendees

  • providing advertising, marketing and brand support for a variety of businesses including hotels, restaurants, health clinics, non-profits, wineries, retail shops and private entities 

  • providing copywriting and editing support for executives

  • serving on the Board Of Directors for Santa Ynez Valley Visitors Association (2010-2012) and Buellton Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau (2012-2014)

Whether you are interested in improving an existing program or building one out from scratch, she is ready to roll up her sleeves and get started.


Originally from Connecticut, John has been a resident of Northern Santa Barbara County since he was 12. A truly adaptable professional, John has experience ranging from retail merchandising and planning to weather observation for a local aviation company. Not to mention countless volunteer activities supporting his wife, Megan, in her passionate pursuits.


Mainly working behind the scenes to make Megan look good, you'll often find John out and about getting photos for social media, or researching the latest news and updates impacting our clients. 


In addition to providing critical research and social media planning support for Solutions On 2nd clients, John is the lead spotlight technician and grip "strong man" for a local entertainment venue. If you need it wired, built or lit, he's your guy!

Ready to get started? Us too.

For projects big and small, you can reach us here or give us a call.

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