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Community Ambassador Program

Being actively involved in the community while trying to run a business can be challenging. Our Community Ambassador Program allows you the flexibility to have your business represented in the community, without the additional hours added to your already busy schedule.

A Community Ambassador is someone who can represent your brand and your business with integrity, within your local business community. This person actively seeks opportunities to balance your business goals with local activities that might be mutually beneficial to both your business and the community. 


Because of the nature of this service, each Community Ambassador agreement is customized to the client. Sample service packages include:

  • Local Sponsorship Vetting & Coordination

  • Relationship Development, within Target Business Categories

  • Launch of a Community Initiative

  • Networking within Target Local Groups & Associations

  • Community Outreach & Press Release Distribution

Retainer fees for this service begin at $1,000 per month. Monthly rates will be evaluated based on expected amount of time per month, the complexity of the relationship between the client and their community, and the overall goals for this role.


Contact us for a free one-hour consultation, to see if this type of program is what you need.


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