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Social Media Audit

Periodic audits of your brand presence are necessary in the ever-evolving social media space.

Solutions On 2nd, LLC has developed this social media audit package for customers who are happy managing their own social media posting, but could use a fresh perspective on how to improve their social media program. 


The Social Media Audit Includes -


  • An in-depth report of your brand’s current social media program including:

  • First Impressions: The status of your social media profiles, what you’re already doing well and what you should be doing differently.
  • Performance Benchmarks: A snapshot of your current program including audience growth, impressions and engagement.

  • Audience Analysis: An overview of current followers including age and demographic information, interests and when they are online.

  • Content Analysis: A review of your past content to identify top-performing content types, optimal publishing days and times, and a customized 12-month calendar of brand-relevant marketing holidays and recurring post themes.

  • Action Items: Specific recommendations for improving efforts on each of your social media channels to share with your social media person.


  • Following delivery, Solutions On 2nd, LLC will provide a one hour phone consultation to review the report findings and answer any questions you may have.


Package Price: $1,250


In order to complete a thorough assessment, Solutions On 2nd, LLC will need to be provided temporary access to your social media accounts. The audit process takes approximately two (2) weeks from receipt of payment and access information.

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