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Reflecting On October 2019

How is it possible that there are only two months left in 2019? It seems like only last week we were sketching out our 2019 plans with 2020 feeling like a lifetime away!

The old adage says; "Time flies when you're having fun," and if our top October highlights are any indication - we have a lot of fun working in the world of marketing!

Coffee flatlay "Reflecting on October"

Last Month's Stand Outs


An Interesting Read:

Social Insider published an in-depth study they performed on Instagram's most engaging posts, and the results were really interesting! According to their findings, the perfect post caption has less than 10 words and over 20 emojis. 😳 They also include other amazing entries like the most frequently used emoji and the most engaging types of posts to share.

If you are looking for ways to increase your Instagram engagement and mix up your post strategies, you might find some inspiration within. Read the study here.


Favorite New Song:

Not a new song but a whole new album, we've been feeling nostalgic with the release of Blink-182's September album Nine. Blink-182 provided a fun backdrop of music when we were in high school, and their latest songs have a fun way of taking us back!


Training & Professional Development:

Each month our team strives to build new skills to increase the value for, and expand the services we provide to, our clients. This month's project was to learn how to use a new video editing software on our new Windows-based computer, having only previously worked within iMovie on Mac.

Here's our first video! We're still working out the kinks, but every new skill takes time and practice to improve upon.


New Tool/Resource:

We are always on the look out for free or inexpensive resources to help small businesses elevate their marketing, and one of the new discoveries we made recently is Unsplash. Unsplash provides a diverse collection of free high-res photos available under the Unsplash license.

We use their collection to enhance our own projects, and hope you find their selection useful too! Start browsing photos here.


Celebrating The Win:

The theme for October was business listings and Google My Business! At the beginning of the month, Megan was featured as a guest contributor for Outshinery's SPOTLIGHT blog. She shared best practices for optimizing free business listings to increase your brand's SEO, and there's even a handy downloadable checklist! Click here for the article.

Later in the month, Megan shared her expertise with Google My Business at a hands-on workshop hosted by Buellton Chamber of Commerce. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own computers so that they could claim, optimize and dive further in to their Google Business Listings and get answers to their Google-related questions. It was awesome!


Made Us Smile:

One of Megan's favorite things to do is look at ads in all different mediums. On occasion we uncover an ad or campaign that makes us smile, and this month it was this Milano cookie ad from last month's issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

It's simple, direct, and speaks to the emotional need of a caregiver (in this case, parents) to take a few moments each day to nurture themselves while caring for others. The Milano team artfully positions their product as the perfect opportunity to steal away a private moment while still being fully engaged with the family. Artfully done!


On The Job Selfie:

Just another early morning inbox review with Echo! 📨


Fangirl Topic:

As you read this, we are probably watching the live stream of the 2019 BlizzCon - an annual fan convention held by gaming company Blizzard Entertainment. They produce a number of online and console games Megan and John enjoy playing together including World of Warcraft.

We had the pleasure of attending last year's event with twelve of our fellow gamers, many of whom we play online with every week but had not met in person. While our participation in the festivities is purely recreational, it's always impressive to see the marketing and production of events at this scale, where thousands of people get together to celebrate a common interest.

Thinking about exploring Azeroth online? Use this link to join me on Lightbringer!


Most Recently Used Emoji:



Favorite Office Dogs Pic:

Echo, Juno & Appa patiently waiting for a treat in the "employee break room" (aka kitchen)! 🐾


How was your October? Share your successes, fun moments and memories with us in the comments!


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