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Jump Start: Design Cuts

Monday Morning Jump Start: Design Cuts

Do you design your own marketing and social media content, or do you hire a designer?

There is certainly a time and place to work with a professional to curate your marketing pieces, however you should also feel comfortable working with and designing your own materials from time to time.

There are ample tools to accomplish this, and you should use the platforms you are most comfortable with. In a future article we'll share the design tool we use everyday. Until then, we've loved some of the free design elements made available by Design Cuts, and thought you might too.

Design Cuts Overview

Design Cuts is an online marketplace for a variety of design-related bundles of products and services. They have a robust community forum where you can find tips and tricks, share ideas and look for inspiration from other designers.

They also have a learning section where you can watch videos on design, learn about new tools in the industry, and see marketplace bundle products demo'd in tutorial fashion. Work right along with the instructors in a separate window to get even more from the experience!

Sample Design Cuts "Freebie Friday" Watercolour Chevrons

Design Cuts Freebie Fridays

Each week, Design Cuts sends out an email with a new free design element for members only. These bundles can also be found for a limited time after release on their website here.

Pictured above is a sample bundle recently provided through their "Freebie Friday" program. Click the image to see the package details!

From Megan: I came across Design Cuts from a colleague back in October 2017, and have since taken advantage of more than 30 of their Freebie Friday offers. The fonts are incredible (and easy to install on both my Mac and PC), the designs range from whimsical and fun to classic and elegant. If you are looking to build a design resource library, I highly recommend getting on their mailing list and taking advantage of their Freebie Friday offers and tutorials that look interesting to you.

Some of our favorite Design Cuts products have included:

  • Fonts

  • Embellishments

  • Photo Overlays

  • Hand Drawn Patterns & Florals

  • Themed Stock Photos

Happy designing, friends!


The Jump Start Series by Solutions On 2nd, LLC features free or low cost ways to elevate your small business marketing programs. Each segment will introduce a new avenue for you to consider as you grow your business. Utilizing these tools and doing further research on their functions is at the reader's discretion. Have questions or want more information on a topic? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook at @solutionson2nd.


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