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Jump Start: Canva

Have you ever:

  • Doodled together a sign or flyer to announce an upcoming sale?

  • Needed something with a transparent background so it could be added over a photo or used in a video?

  • Used the wrong size image so your message was either distorted or partially cut off?

  • Been asked for an ad in a specific size and file type for a local paper or magazine?

In countless small businesses, there is always a time and a place for handwritten messaging. But unless it's part of the folksy charm for your brand, designed pieces are the way to go.

Last week we introduced you to Design Cuts, and mentioned that we use some of their components in our favorite design tool. This week, we introduce you to that tool!


Canva is a web-based design program that allows you to create beautiful branded visuals for every business need. It is free to use, however some of the features are limited to paid Canva For Work members only.

In the video below we share a behind the scenes look at a new, free account on Canva.

Whether designing from scratch or using their existing templates and free design resources, you are just a few clicks away from elevating your messaging to employees and guests!

From Megan: I'll be honest, I've done my fair share of signs and flyers using Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. I've also dabbled in Photoshop and a few other design programs. I have yet to experience any design tools as approachable and easy to use as Canva.

I was introduced to this amazing tool by the ladies at Think Creative Collective back in August 2017, and since then I have designed over 350 unique pieces across eight distinct brands.

It's safe to say I use Canva multiple times per week, and it has truly become my favorite resource.


The Jump Start Series by Solutions On 2nd, LLC features free or low cost ways to elevate your small business marketing programs. Each segment will introduce a new avenue for you to consider as you grow your business. Utilizing these tools and doing further research on their functions is at the reader's discretion. Have questions or want more information on a topic? Let us know in the comments or over on Facebook at @solutionson2nd.


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