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Meg’s Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, coming up with unique, thoughtful and practical gifts for colleagues, clients, friends and family can be a challenge. To help you get a head start, here are a few of Megan’s favorite giftables!

Work Friendly Fun

Why I love it: “National Day Calendar is an awesome tool for planning monthly marketing themes, social media posts, and all around annual planning. I use it to jumpstart my imagination if I don’t have a specific vision for the day/week/month, and because it seems like there is a day for almost everything it works for all of our diverse clients!”

Why I love it: “I get a Blue Sky planner every year! I use it to capture at-a-glance daily activities, short term deadlines, checklists, mileage, and many other things. Then I have a weekly journal of sorts to go back through if I need to jog my memory on various projects and activities. I’m an avid note-jotter so this keeps them all in one place and helps me keep the year organized!”

Why I love it: “I recently got this to replace the whiteboard I was using for my grocery list because I kept forgetting to jot down it’s contents before I went to the store. Now I just tear it off the roll and take it with me! I absolutely love it!”

Why I love it: “Reimagine the office white board! Get rid of the easel pads! This is a great way to capture the results of your next brainstorm, change up your office decor, or just create a space for doodles and drawings while you take a mental break.”

Why I love it: “Sometimes even those who know each other best need some help communicating. Table Topics are available in a variety themes, and provide awesome ice breakers when networking and team building!”

All-Occasion Greeting Cards

- Available all over, but I’m partial to the ones at my local Costco.

Why I love it: “Costco occasionally has a box of assorted all-occasion greeting cards and I grab them every time I see them. Birthdays, weddings, engagements, new babies, sympathy, and blank inside cards mean I can be ready to acknowledge anything in a moment with a handwritten note!”

Treats & Goodies

Why I love it: “With food specialties available from across the country, one of my favorite things to do is surprise a client with goodies from their hometown. Not just for gifting, John and I like to order and try new things too! One of our favorites so far has been the Belgian Waffles from Waffles & Dinges in New York.”

Why I love it: “Chocolate and caffeinated coffee run my world, so when I found out they were combined with this Washington-based chocolatier I fell in love! My favorite is the Salted Caramel - yum!”

Why I love it: “I’ve been blessed to grow up with this incredible regional chocolatier, and I’ve also toured one of their production facilities and fell further in love with the company. Anyone who hand decorates their truffles and uses only the highest quality ingredients is incredible in my book! My favorite? The Nuts & Chews assortment for sharing, though I eat all of the Scotchmallows before anyone else can have one.”

Self Care Favorites

Why I love it: “I’ll be honest, I buy Bath & Body Works soap by the dozens. I love all of the different scents, they change with the seasons, and there are colors to match every room in my house! I’ve bought it for years, and using anything else makes washing my hands less fun.”

Why I love it: “I love to celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries of my friends and family, and this is a great way to keep track of them in a decorative and unique way.”

Why I love it: “My favorite part of Christmas has always been the stocking: usually little bits and bobs that I want to try but wouldn’t buy for myself, and are so much fun to open. That’s exactly what the Must Have box is for me: it’s like getting a fun stocking filled with gifts that comes in the mail!”

Why I love it: “We have three canine interns at our office and their work-life balance is important to us. Bark Box delivers quality toys that our pups love, and we love to make them happy.”

We hope this helps kick start your ideas for the upcoming holiday season!

Please Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, but all of these products were originally purchased and enjoyed by us without incentive.


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